Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Great free art book resource.

 Here's a link to a great resource of hundreds of free art books courtesy of the Getty Museum. You can read on line or download the pdf files.

These days our garden, our son and daughter -in-laws garden and our  kitchen are the three spaces where one can find me, other than these times on the computer or browsing cookbooks. Our local county library system, I have discovered, has some great cookbooks and I've been availing myself of those. Unfortunately, most that I ordered arrived at once, so I've been in cookbook heaven all week. I think I'm suffering from writers cramp from all the recipes I've written down on index cards.

Since I'm anticipating a good crop of tomatoes, most of the cookbooks are Italian and a couple just for pasta. I've made my own pasta before, using my pasta hand roller, but never rolling by hand and there are some great videos on you tube demonstrating the technique. Now I have to order one of those long, wooden, pasta rolling pins and give a it a go some time this summer. I wonder if anyone has ever rolled out pasta on a slab roller? HMMMM??

This morning we're heading out for breakfast, then driving to our sons place to hand water and retrieve the asparagus I harvested, and left behind yesterday, then back home to clean out some planters and  plant the annuals that I bought yesterday. After today, I'll have half the containers in the back planted.

Our daughter and son-in-law will be here in a couple of weeks and I want to have all my planting finished before then. My seedlings are watered and now it's time to check the weather and see if it's warm enough to put the tray of tomato starts out for the day. As you can tell, there just hasn't been time nor energy for the studio right now.


  1. Pasta on a slab roller? That's one helluva lasagne you're planning. Lucky you harvesting asparagus already. I'm only just about to cut down and burn the old fern from last season. I don't think there are any new shoots showing, though the rhubarb is suddenly going mad. Carrots and parsnips are peeking up

  2. LOL! After watching those you tube videos of people rolling pasta by hand, using 3 and 4 foot rolling pins, they wind up with a pretty large piece of dough. It's fascinating to watch that technique for rolling and cutting.
    I've been harvesting asparagus for over a month already - just have one more week to go before I have to stop cutting it for the season. My potatoes are up about 8 inches or more and carrots and peas are up. The first peas I planted after sprouting them in the house, seemed to just rot in the ground; but this second batch is doing great. The beets are up too. I only plant a few of those because Jim hates beets. I'm already harvesting lettuce too. Using remay in various weights allows me to plant those potatoes and lettuce a lot earlier - love that stuff!